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We, KETING, started in 2007 in Shenzhen's Huaqiangbei, growing from a local mobile retailer to a global distributor with $1 billion in 2023 sales. Grounded in professionalism and innovation, we provide comprehensive distribution services supporting the supply chain for global clients.

Robust logistics  Infrastructure
Robust logistics Infrastructure

We have over 20 logistics partners, offering shipping to over 100 key global markets

Top Tier, Brand Marketing Management
Top Tier, Brand Marketing Management

We excel in Op Tier Brand Marketing Management, Dealer Conferences, Product Launch and Activation Events, Social Media management, Ecommerce and more...

Supplementary Service
Supplementary Service

We offer Supplementary Services including; Clearances of Surplus goods, Creating Brand Stores, After Sales Service Centre Development

Professional Team
Professional Team

We boast a highly skilled professional team, strategically positioned to navigate a vast sales network that spans across 100 countries in Europe, Africa, Central Asia, and South America. Our dedicated workforce comprises over 1000 talented individuals, collectively driving our commitment to excellence.

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We offer Comprehensive

KETING has evolved from a humble mobile retailer to a global powerhouse, achieving $1 billion in sales by 2023. We prioritize professionalism, innovation, and collaboration as core values, offering comprehensive distribution services that span finance, logistics, channels, marketing, and more. Our journey is not just about growth; it's about providing tailored solutions and robust assistance to clients worldwide.

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Our Comprehensive Strength

Our strength is unparalleled, with a team of over 1000 global professionals, 50+ strategic partnerships with industry leaders, a sales record exceeding 1 billion USD, and a network of 20 local and overseas branches facilitating exports to over 100 countries

Over 1 Billion USD
In Sales by 2023
Over 100

Regional Network

Deep Regional Network

Boasting a robust regional network, we extend our reach to exports across 100 countries and regions, supported by a dedicated team of over 1000 global employees, 80% of whom are local staff. Additionally, we operate 20 overseas sub-branches, enhancing our presence and service capabilities worldwide.

Dubai Office

✔ Established in 2020 ✔ Sales network spans 100+ countries ✔ Daily shipments reach up to 50K+ ✔Overseas warehouses support

Shenzen Office

✔ Established in 2007 ✔ Responsible for supporting global business ✔ Sales Network covers 20+ Asia Pacific countries ✔ More than 1000 stable customers ✔ Equipped with an oversea warehouse

East Africa Office

✔ Founded in 2016 ✔ Firmly established as a vital player in the region ✔ Sales network spans 10+ East African countries ✔ Customer base exceeds 1,000 loyal clients ✔ Operates with an overseas warehouse for efficient logistics and s

West Africa

✔ launched in 2015 ✔ Sales Networking covering 20 west Africa countries ✔ Over 500 stable customers ✔ Equipped with oversea warehouse

Watch our Short Video on Keting

This is a short video on our succesful case study in the East African market - Kenya

Robust Logistic Infrastructure

We got robust logistics infrastructure with strategically located warehouses across key regions:

  • Hong Kong Warehouse: Serving the Asia Pacific and worldwide regions.
  • Dubai Warehouse: Catering to Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and South America.
  • Canada Warehouse: Ensuring efficient operations in North America.
  • Nairobi Warehouse: Providing comprehensive coverage for East Africa.

Tear 1 - Brand Marketing

Launch Events

Product Activations

Social Media Marketing

KOL Partnerships

As a leader in brand marketing services, we excel in a diverse range of offerings. From orchestrating impactful dealer conferences and seamlessly executing product launch events to driving engaging offline activations, expertly managing social media platforms, delivering top-notch e-commerce services, and skillfully overseeing Key Opinion Leader (KOL) management, we provide comprehensive solutions to elevate and strengthen your brand presence.

Meet our Team

Allen SHEN

Founder & CEO

Mr Sean

Keting - COO

Su Mou

Africa Director

Alex LIN

Director & VP

Lindy LIN


Chris LIU

Middle East Director

Our Strategic Partners